Technical Aspects Behind SS-Equity’s Performance

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Problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently with machines guiding decisions based on the data provided by user or the company.

Decision making by machines is only likely to grow and also likely to increasingly challenge ODR systems. As algorithms shape more and more aspects of our lives, we will need to design systems that will help citizens to understand how they are being affected and how problems may be resolved. ODR systems will need to be put in place to address algorithm-related problems and prevent them from recurring in the future.

Artificial Intelligence and Law cannot go together so far as the Computers are simply executors of rules while legal field requires interpretation. Hence AI would be normally not acceptable for taking judicial decisions. Hence we have worked on combining AI with the basic elements of Scientific Mediation where negotiations could be facilitated

Artificial Intelligence based on the following, supports Dispute Resolutions in the Soft Settle Support System Platform.

Basic elements considered for the Resolution Procedure:
1. Separating the people from the problem;
2. Focusing upon interests rather than positions;
3. Knowing your BATNA. – Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement – The reason you negotiate with someone is to produce better results than would otherwise occur.

Soft Settle comes out with Sophisticated optimization algorithms to generate optimal solutions for complex problems.

Fairness Algorithms – Fair & Prompt Concessions rewarded.

Soft Settle’s algorithms actually reward the negotiators for their attitude in respect of their respective interests, generosity, cooperative inclination, thus resulting in quicker settlements. Rather practical comprehensive collaborative attitude is appreciated.

SoftSettle’s dynamic process is particularly suited for ‘early intervention’, middle level intervention with potential to save significant time and other resources.

Debt Resolution – Negotiating on Your Own

By SoftSettle Support

The simple idea behind debt settlement is to negotiate with your creditor to have debts paid in full but for less than what you owe in actuality. The professional way is do-it-yourself , by which one will be more beneficial to your right now and in the long run.
It may be difficult but if you are going to negotiate your own debt settlement, then you need to keep your emotions out of it. Naturally this happens for a debtor so far as his guilt of being defaulted debtor, one cannot take it as business deal but like an ordeal which he is supposed to confront with.
Soft Settle supports you and makes you feel to treat it like a business deal or pretend that it is not your debt, which ultimately lead one to sideline your emotions and manage the situation in a bold manner.
Soft Settle calls for a debts settlement with many great benefits as Soft Settle is a professional platform which assess your specific situation and facilitate you to pick the best option, be it debt settlement through e-Resolution, or any other of the many options which can be resolved directly, manually or virtually such as Debt Consolidation and Personal Bankruptcy.
When you are negotiating a debt settlement, it is quite natural that the creditors will attempt to get as much money out of you as possible. As such, you can seek the assistance or support of the Soft Settle deemed to be an expert negotiation platform facilitates you to negotiate with creditors on your own, rather safe to say that with the professional background of Soft Settle, you will get a better settlement offer and you will end up paying back less and your repayment plan can be amended in accordance with your convenience.
Consult with Soft Settle so that your debt relief is never far and your interaction with creditors would be worked out without any fear, inhibition or any such reservations.

Arrears Management Assisted by SOFT SETTLE

By SoftSettle Support

Creditors adopting a policy of holistic approach by finding customers’ problems to identify those in financial difficulty and as such they have to tailor debt recovery procedures accordingly. The creditors/lenders have to explore the best repayment option for individual borrowers. They have to look at the overall situation of the borrowers/debtors to identify those in financial difficulty. Further they have to distinguish customers in difficulty from others embracing deliberate default.
Creditors must use the due diligence in adopting the plans which shall be realistic and sustainable to make it convenient for the debtors to come out with options which can be worked out jointly by both of them, mainly taking into account the customer’s ability to pay back the borrowed amount.
In practice, SoftSettle provides guidance to both creditors and debtors to get reconciled where their interests are mostly considered along with their generous attitudes and collaborative tendencies. Prior to resolution procedure creditors and debtors are being facilitated to have interaction with each other where creditor can take debtor into confidence resulting into so many lenient attitude from the creditors.
Normally so far as the creditors rely on letters at the early stages of arrears management, as they are adopting holistic approach place greater emphasis on personal contact usually be telephone. A telephone call conveys a greater sense of urgency which may be projected as the pressurizing tactics, may reflect a greater level of insecurity on the part of the debtors and as such the creditor’s policy of building relationship with the customers would be become rather damaging. Hence the creditors who want to maintain a policy of building customer relationship would rather resort to SoftSettle Support through their web portal by filing a case against the debtor which on the other hand provide a friendly picture to the debtor who can negotiate with the creditor freely and in a relaxed manner. A mobile app under the title and banner of SoftSettle Support can be downloaded by the debtor either in the form of Android and IOS throughout the globe.
Where a creditor adopts a holistic approach the court is used as a last resort and is seen as an admission of failure. Moreover the courts are used very selectively. They recognize that it is pointless to take people to court if they have no money to pay and Soft Settle help the creditors use debt surveillance for customers not able to pay promptly and they can seek the assistance of the Soft Settle in come in terms with the creditors and resolve the issues.


By SoftSettle Support

Usually, we used to witness a scenario, where debtors may sometimes fail to serve regular obligation like installment repayment against the loan/debts he received from the creditor, become subject to experience tormenting harassment from their creditors or their authorized collection agencies, mentally go down and even they start thinking of doing something drastically which may be normally adverse to their personal as well as family life.
In India, it has become an usual phenomena or we better call debts have already started creating a phobia among all types of borrowers, whether they are farmers, businessmen, students etc. and in the end of the day (means with the pressurization or pesterrisation or with the adoption of harassment techniques from the part of the creditors like debt recovery in the form of attaching land, houses and what all dearest to the borrowers) they may decide to put an end to their life. Ironically these suicide trends have become one of the best marketing elements for print as well as visual media as their prime strategy.
It is well-established that the majority of the world’s economy is based upon a system of credit and, currently, there are a significant number of people and other types of entities (governmental and private) who are in debt or base their operations largely upon the availability of credit. A significant percentage of debts are in the form of unsecured debts, which are usually substantially more difficult to collect in comparison to secured debts. Generally speaking, the creditor is typically the more dominant party in the debtor/ creditor relationship and is oftentimes unwilling to go through a process of negotiating the settlement of a debt, especially where a debtor is difficult to track down. For a debtor, the experience of having a debt being collected from them is very stressful and oftentimes, is felt as a form of harassment. Therefore, it would be desirable to provide a negotiating or arbitrating platform that achieves a semblance of equality between the debtor and the creditor and provides flexibility, and yet some assurance, in the collection and repayment of debts. Additionally, it would be desirable that the platform be user-friendly and fully automated in order to relieve the debtor and creditor of a direct line of communication and having to expend significant resources and energy in achieving a settlement of the debt.
SoftSettle Support has devised a product SS-Equity (FDR), primarily facilitates the interaction between the debtor and creditor to come out with offers and counter offers which would ultimately soften their bitter relationship and further the product SS-Equity (FDR) is also capable of resolving issues related to debts in a more peaceful, collaborative and intelligent way using soft technologies leading to a society managed by Robotic Justice which is going to be the future justice.
SS-Equity(FDR) is treated to be a virtual neutral and it reconciles the interests of the parties and the collaborative attitude of the parties are also taken into consideration so as to come out with a decision which is used to be a win-win proposition.
Soft Settle’s features like early intervention, middle level intervention and final level intervention make it possible for disputants to take control and quickly reach a fair settlement out-of-court. Your time is valuable. If your case doesn’t interrupt your life and settles much sooner via Soft Settle, you can assess the extent of worthiness of the technology developed by SoftSettle Support.