What you need to do when you defaulted on a Debt?

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Everybody knows that defaulting debt is certainly an offense. But it is unavoidable and applicable to all kinds of people. We know as a matter of fact it is not going to finish you but it will tarnish your financial image.

The primary concern is that your credit score will get dropped and you will not entertained for any further loans against you submissions. May be it is not going to affect your breath, but low credit score causes difficulties in your life.

Further the creditors will start haunting you once you defaulted payment by means of their recovery as well as collection agents who are all the more ruthless in their approach and thus pressurizing you to an extent where you may feel like ending your life.

In most cases, once you have missed a payment with the original creditor (i.e. Banks, NBFCa etc.), the company will attempt to work with you for six months to establish a repayment program.  Failing that, the creditor will most likely sell or consign your debt to a collection agency – and the game may change dramatically

If collateral is assigned to the loan on which you have defaulted (e.g. mortgage or auto loan), repossession is a distinct possibility.  Banks generally utilize home foreclosure as a last resort, since they would prefer to keep you as a customer and avoid the cost and hassle of the foreclosure process.

Now it is the time to get in touch with Soft Settle. Soft Settle is a shrewd interactive debt resolution software platform that leads you to communicate with your creditor in a secure virtual environment. The software is accessible 24/7  by means of the portal and mobile applications.

As a result the torture of the collection agencies will get stopped and you will be invited to participate in the debt resolution process in the e-Court powered by Soft Settle after complying with the case management procedure integrated.

You can see you are entering the easy and less complicated negotiation process where you have to be more collaborative and accommodative so as to reach a decision in your favour.

Apart from the above, you will not be charged for signing up and the e-Resolution process. So it is everything FREE for you unlike  other debt settlement agencies

To learn more about the Case Management Procedure and e-Resolution process kindly make a visit to www.softsettle.com

Lawyers and Access to Justice

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According to the American Bar Association’s (A.B.A.) Model Rules of Professional Conduct, “[a] lawyer is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.”

A lawyer’s varied roles include advisor, advocate, negotiator, intermediary, and evaluator. Lawyers are generally concerned only with legal issues and conditions that directly affect a specific case. In addition, the legal profession commonly reflects an individualistic and non-collaborative view. Finally, social justice is not an explicit goal of the legal profession. Lawyers see justice as the efficient result of an adversarial system; as long as they serve their clients well, justice is served in that process.

Attorneys have a central commitment to serve their clients. They act as advocates for their clients, help their clients determine what their needs are, and then, help them to meet those needs. Advocates use a problem-solving approach to address their clients’ needs and resolve issues. Hence these professionals could be deemed to be social workers considering the public interest and so far as focussing the life of the people with direct services which could facilitate their clients with conveniences like short period for attaining justice at most reasonable expenses and at the most stimulating vision in respect of scheming win-win propositions for the contesting parties.

So far as the lawyers are infected with the judicial system resulting out of heavy, tardy and tedious court litigation, there may be remote possibility on their part of the lawyers to get inclined towards low volume remunerated automated online dispute resolutions. Lawyers are aware of the fact that they involve in the conflict areas taken to court trials include expense, which a common client finds it difficult to co-ordinate or afford along with other discomforts like time pressure and other related legal hindrances. The lawyers may be probably in the process of realising the issues of their existing as well as prospective clients.

A lawyer’s goal is to win the case for his client, and in order to do so, it is usually necessary and appropriate to give advice to the client. Hence there is a chance for a lawyer taking the baton of a social worker rather helping his clients than merely advising them. The introduction of the platform Soft Settle could cater to the requirements of the lawyer to play the role of a social worker. He is not confined to mere advising the clients but helps the clients to come out of the troubles he has been confronted with.

Legal community is going to be encountered with certain challenges as a result of many functions traditionally performed by lawyers will be soon replaced by software systems. The integration of technology into the practice of law has been advantageous for the clients so far the basic legal activities to the effect of dispute resolution would be carried out with ease, flexibility, cost reduction, fast, fair and efficient.

SoftSettle Support has evolved research methods to create technologies, which are needed for realizing the promise of effective software support for resolving complex disputes coming under certain categorized areas. SoftSettle Support avoids human intervention to an extent to conduct the dispute resolution procedure and activities on their own. At the same time other significant issue taken into consideration while designing these devices is about the role of human dispute resolution agent or expert neutral in the online resolution system and the job better to be left over to automated (software) solutions. The execution of the justice has entered a revolutionized phase.

The access to justice has become very easy, fast, fair and efficient with the introduction of Artificial intelligence in the area of dispute resolution and www.softsettle.com has been organized with more stability and consistency so as to counter certain challenges likely to be posed by the conflicting situations in different areas.

Hence the lawyers are invited to test the automation in respect of accessing the justice straight forwardly and effortlessly. Realising the fact that litigation is adversarial, which means less regard to fair solution, court decisions might not be acceptable to either party and further adjudication of court results in win-lose scenario and not a mutually acceptable decision, it is time for the lawyers to ponder over a new means for accessing fast and fair justice.  Let the hope rests with the new beginning in the area of justice ignited with the help of artificial intelligence being promoted by SoftSettle Support.


Your insurance settlement effort is being supported !

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The car insurance company should already have a list of your demands from your claim prior to the negotiation process. This includes facts surrounding the accident such as who was at fault, injuries to yourself or staff members, profit loss and/or damages to vehicles or property. After receiving your request for compensation or demand letter, the claims adjuster will contact you to discuss your demands and offer a settlement. Usually phone works as the media for this negotiation and here we are introducing an unique method for settling claims.

Support your claim with documents that confirm the extent of your loss. Have a specific settlement amount in mind that you feel your case is worth but do not request an amount that the evidence can not support. Back up your argument with an organized list of damages suffered. For example, if you paid for a rental car for several weeks to ensure business obligations were still met, show the adjuster the receipts and also explain how being out of the vehicle has affected your business. The insurance company must compensate you for actual damages including medical bills, expenses and lost income as well as perceived damages such as business interruption and damaged customer relationships

The new method calls for a negotiation or resolution where the insurance company extends an initial offer, which will be less than the amount you requested. The insurance company will likely offer a very low settlement amount initially regardless of how strong your case is. They often do this to see if you know what your case is worth.

To negotiate successfully, you must counter with an amount less than what you originally requested but higher than what the insurance company offered. After several negotiation deliberations with the adjuster or Company’s  representative, negotiations, with the collaborative attitudes of the parties along with the parties’ interests overtaking their positions would be measured so that the virtual neutral SS-EQUITY (ICS) decides the case providing a relaxing time for both parties with a beyond win-win proposition. (It is just as the insurance company used to  be more keen to negotiate a favourable settlement if you are flexible and realistic with your counter offer in a direct or face to face negotiation in some cases where the company is qualitatively just and right in extending their services).

But usually insurance companies adopts a tough attitude under the pretension of building their business profits, the claimants might undergo the trauma of the difficulties in attaining the deserved results. This situation calls for the intervention of a different platform like SOFT SETTLE and virtual neutral like SS-EQUITY (ICS or Insurance Claim Settlement)



A Successful Insurance Claim Settlement

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Whether you have a personal injury claim, were in a car accident, or were on the receiving end of medical malpractice, after you submit a demand letter to an insurance company, it’s time to negotiate.


If you have presented an insurance company with an organized demand letter and the proper supporting documents, usually your claim negotiation process will probably consist of nothing more than a few phone calls with an insurance claims adjuster. But Soft Settle supports you in bagging your negotiations concluding in success.

The insurance company used to be labelled as an unbinding, autocratic in declaring claims would be rather most flexible in producing settlement results while clashing with the insurers.

As part of putting together your demand letter, you should have determined what you believe your claim is worth. Within that range, and before you negotiate with the insurance company about your demand, decide on a minimum settlement figure that you will accept. This figure is for your own information — so you can keep your bottom line in mind when under the pressures of negotiating — but it is not something you should reveal to the adjuster or the company.

The negotiation starts with an offer from the adjustor or the company, such offer automatically revise your bottom-line figure upward. The interests of the insurer and insurance company are getting worked out. The potential zone of agreement would be considered by the software SS-EQUITY and interests reconciled so as to produce a result which could be more than beyond win-win proposition