Low Insurance Settlement Offer – A source for Concern & Source of Conflict.

By SoftSettle Support

Do not be surprised if the initial settlement offer is a low figure. There are many reasons why you might receive a “low” offer. The claims adjuster may have concluded that you are partially at fault for your injuries, or that your injuries were not serious enough to justify the amount of damages you included in your demand letter. He may also produce concerns about your pain and suffering demand.

Consider this a test from the claims adjuster. The insurance company has nothing to lose and everything to gain by making you a low bid settlement offers. Many people are struggling financially after an accident and are desperate to jump at the first settlement offer that comes their way. Even though it may be difficult to pass up a settlement offer, you should not accept the initial offer unless it is fair. How to evaluate and deal with a fair settlement offer is discussed at the conclusion of this article.

Do not panic over a low settlement offer. Remember, the insurance company is running a business and must maintain its profits. The claims adjuster does not expect you to accept the first offer, but rather hopes that you will. Naive personal injury claimants accept lowball offers all the time.

As soon as you receive the initial settlement offer in writing, carefully evaluate the stated reasons for the low settlement amount. You should respond to each of the points made by the claims adjuster in a written letter that includes a counteroffer. In this letter, you will reassert your position (this is the same position you carefully described in your demand letter). Focus on the extreme pain and suffering you endured. Never personally attack the claims adjuster. Be professional yet firm in explaining why you deserve more money for your injuries and other losses.

Rejecting the Low Offer

 In order to reject the initial settlement from the insurance company, you should send a details  to the claims adjuster through  the medium of Soft Settle that:

States you do not find the initial settlement offer acceptable;

Lists the reasons why you deserve a higher settlement offer; and

Includes a demand for a higher settlement offer stating reasons.

In this case you can invite the Insurance Company for negotiation so that you can tell them Soft Settle Platform offers a potential zone of agreement where they can reach a settlement acceptable to both.

In the meanwhile you can serve a letter rejecting the initial settlement offer and include your personal information about your loss or damages where applicable. This record will help you in case you are heading for court litigation if any.

The initial or later low offer from the part of the insurance company is the cause of the dispute and usually the claimants may consider entrusting lawyers to contest for them to claim and earn more which could be settle their loss.

Soft Settle thus helps both claimant and insurance company by judiciously settling their claims which could bring a harmony in respect of their relationships, otherwise would have been in peril in case the claimant proceeds to court litigation

Set Limits on Conversations

SoftSettle Support narrates the following hypothetical situation over a personal injury – auto accident insurance case as cautioning notice to the parties who will find rather difficult time with the insurance company on the occasion of an event – injury or accident.

In your first contact with an insurance adjuster (which usually comes via a phone call) make it clear that you will not be discussing much.

Let the adjuster know that, until you have finished investigating the accident, have completed medical treatment, and have fully recovered from your injuries, you do not want to discuss anything related to:

  • how the accident happened
  • what your injuries are (or how serious they are, or whether your condition is improving), or
  • what a settlement amount should be

In this first discussion with insurance adjuster, set boundaries. Ask that the adjuster communicate with you in writing until you present your written demand for compensation and actual settlement negotiations begin.

In some situations, however, it may not be practical to stop all phone conversations. For example, if you have been in an auto accident, you may need to discuss repairs to your car. If you do need to speak to the adjuster again, set whatever limits you want on the place and times — home or work, morning, evening, weekends — for telephone contact.

There are good reasons to limit your phone conversations with insurance adjusters. Some will call frequently in an attempt to get you to settle quickly, and they can become a real nuisance. It’s good to nip this in the bud.

More important, until you have had a full opportunity to investigate and think about the accident, to determine the nature and extent of your injuries, and to recover (or reach “maximum medical improvement” in insurance parlance), you will not have accurate information to provide. And, if you give incomplete or inaccurate information on the phone, the insurance company may try to make you stick to it later on. Some insurance adjusters are good at getting you to say something which could be considered an admission of some fault on your part, or which limits the seriousness of your injuries. It is therefore much better to have no discussions at all until you have made your compensation demand in writing and you are fully prepared to discuss a settlement.


How can Soft Settle support the parties in settling the insurance issues?

By SoftSettle Support

SoftSettle is a web-based application and it has integrated the software SS-Equity (Insurance Claim Settlement or ICS) in which fast and fair criteria (FFC) has been incorporated, could provide an efficient and result oriented resolution procedure. SoftSettle Support provides a web-based and mobile-accessible platform that offers 24/7 assistance to claimants and insurance companies to facilitate the claim settlement process.

Fortunately, the integration of element of Artificial Intelligence aided by service technology facilitating the alleviation of Case Management Procedure in the interactive portal www.softsettle.com and Soft Settle mobile application, is bent on creating new pattern of insurance claim settlement process.  Further the service technology developed by SoftSettle Support enables and expedites virtual communications so as to reach result oriented resolutions leading to win-win propositions between or among the parties.

The space is being provided for 24/7 by SoftSettle Support through portal or mobile phone application at the convenience of the parties so that they can interact or participate in the resolution process synchronous or asynchronous. SoftSettle allows you to conveniently negotiate with your disputing adversaries in a secure virtual environment.

Soft Settle channelizing the services through the product SS-Equity (ICS) enable Insurance Claim Settlement process facilitating the easy access to justice through web portals and mobile applications, without any snags. The parties can have a full control over the process and they are left with the freedom to make exchanges to the effect of their issues through virtual interactions and further accept, reject or appeal in respect of settlement of claims.

The web-portal along with mobile application provides awareness and promotions through the resource tools could make the people or consumers assimilate the procedure in respect of case management and make use of the software SS-Equity (ICS) ultimately keeps their life relieved off all soft look alike intimidating approaches from the opposite parties.

Other professional services apart from the above technical services are the following:

  1. Dealing with the claimant, insurance company, adjuster and related parties
  2. Managing the Dispute Resolution Process
  3. Legal Advice
  4. Tips for the resolving a complaint
  5. Provide or facilitate with the significant process like authentic and bona-fide Negotiation to the effect of Insurance Claim Settlement between claimant and insurance company.
  6. An Agreement is built up with reasonable clauses cause to manage settling the issues cropped up between or among the parties
  7. Facilitate the Mediation and Arbitration which ultimately keeps away the harrowing experiences and exorbitant expenditure resulting out of court litigation.
  8. An award at any stage (after the negotiation settling the claims or after the final mediation or arbitration process) is ensured which make the way for enforcement of the agreements thus generated.

Software platform provided by SoftSettle is definitely a blessing for those who have been undergoing the confusion over the settlements offer on the claimant’s part essentially and avoiding the expensive litigation would be ad added advantage for the insurance companies while settling the insurance issues under the auspices of Soft Settle.