The Time Bound Grievance Redressal against E-Commerce Issues

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Consumer Protection (E-commerce) Rules, 2020, which fall under the Consumer Protection Act.2019, endorses setting up a robust consumer redressal mechanism.

The e-commerce platforms also have to acknowledge the receipt of any consumer complaint within forty-eight hours and redress the complaint within one month from the date of receipt under this Act. And will also have to appoint a grievance officer for consumer grievance redressal.

As per the rules, sellers cannot refuse to take back goods or withdraw services or refuse refunds, if such goods or services are defective, deficient, delivered late, or if they do not meet the description on the platform. The rules also prohibit the e-commerce companies from manipulating the price of the goods or services to gain unreasonable profit through unjustified prices.

The online consumers are much relieved and they have a robust consumer redressal mechanism against the e-commerce issues.

This mechanism has been already integrated in the digital platform Soft Settle and it provides a positive reach for the consumers to go ahead with simplified procedure as far as the case management is concerned along with the ADR process in the cyberspace. More over Soft Settle does not compromise in admitting court syndromes in adopting the online platform so far as it is purely DIY platform with adequate consumer services.

The statutory phenomena definitely takes the consumer protection to a level beyond its concept of the traditional court procedure. But still some distresses shall undergo changes and Soft Settle is an alternative online platform which eliminates such flaws detectable in the grievance mechanism statutorily promoted.

The Soft Settle platform provides the simplest online consumer dispute resolution environment. With innovative features, such as representations, list of dispute issues and possible redress, escalation over to a different online platform Mediator Affair, limited need for written texts, direct negotiation tool between the parties etc. The Soft Settle platform cooperates with professional associations, e-commerce and consumer associations and is on the way to be used by companies, consumers and online dispute resolution bodies worldwide.

Further while appreciating the statutory prospects of the consumer protection, Soft Settle assures a harmonization to promote justice, unlike the court, by functioning as a smart choice for consumers as well as businesses in dealing with each other while confronting the disputes to have their share of win-win configuration. Hence both of them can advance their relationship stimulating the consumers to purchase more goods from the same business with upgraded qualities which the trader or business never compromises as they have won the loyalty of their customer and while they may be subjected to negative remarks from the part of the consumer segment.

Soft Settle is being designed in such a way so as to be truly user-friendly and easy for both consumers and retailers from different parts of the world. The application will guide you through the whole process and present you with a number of options to resolve the issue. Plus, our Consumer Service Team is here to help you.

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