Soft Settle negotiations capable of undoing the hassles used to crop up in physical negotiations to settle insurance claim.

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The initial settlement offer that comes from the insurance company can come at any time after you’ve filed your claim. Some claimants have to wait weeks to receive the offer, and some receive it rather quickly. Unfortunately, there is no set time in which the initial offer must be made.

The initial offer you receive from the insurance adjuster will almost always be a “lowball” offer. They may defend their low offer by claiming that you were partially at fault for the accident that caused your injuries in the case of physical injury, or that the injuries you suffered weren’t severe enough to warrant a greater amount. They may also question the amount of pain and suffering you experienced. They will aggressively defend their position of a low offer because this will often intimidate people into simply accepting the low offer. Do not ever accept the initial offer unless it is a fair offer.

When you receive the initial settlement offer in writing, examine the reasons the insurance adjuster has given for the low settlement amount. Each of these points will become a part of your counteroffer letter, and you should respond to each and every one. Your counteroffer letter will reassert your original position described in your demand letter, as well as respond to each of their low-offer reasons in turn. Keep your emotions out of the letter and stick to facts, such as the extreme pain and suffering you have had to endure and the frustration and hassle of attending medical treatments. Be professional, courteous, and confident, and never attack the claims adjuster personally in your counteroffer letter.

The above developments are there never to be overlooked and those using the platform Soft Settle, also experience the same process prior to the negotiation. But you can convert the offer into a fairer one with the negotiations using the platform under the supervision and facilitation of SS-Equity (ICS).

You may automatically react to the initial low offer from the part of the adjuster of the insurance company. You will counter the offer and ultimately this would turn into a prolonged counter offer battle where you may hire an attorney to bring everything to tedious court litigation.

Soft Settle does facilitate both insured and insurer to come in terms with each other and it would take the interests of the parties rather than their positions getting reconciled so as to make them come together in the potential zone of agreement to reach a solution acceptable to both. This has to be treated as win-win proposition or beyond.

Above everything the expensive litigation could be avoided and the elements of scientific mediation are being evaluated to bring the most cost effective, appropriate and harmonious settlement between or among the parties.