You need not accept a raw deal, but you have to make your case and negotiate a better settlement

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Before you get annoyed about a claim payment or denial, review your insurance policy to see if you are covered for the damage in dispute and what the money limits for your coverage. Once you realized how much you deserve out of the policy you have availed, it will help your strengthen your argument if you are in the right.

You can seek clarifications to insurers when you are blurred over the settlement was lower than expected. If policy sounds ambiguous, you have to make it clear the particular section in question. Once you are clear on your insurer’s position, prepare document that can help prove your case. If your insurance company thinks it will cost certain amount to compensate the loss you have suffered but you think it will be more, get a written estimate from an independent contractor.

If you need to dispute a denial or low settlement offer, start by writing a letter to your claims adjuster. Briefly explain your point of view, including any evidence you have prepared that supports your side, and request that the adjuster review the claim.

Even if you’re seething inside, remain polite. Don’t threaten to hire an attorney. If you take an adversarial tone right off the bat, your insurer might decide to let its lawyers do the talking. If your case is week, a law suit may damage your expectations.

Appraisal is a common process used in disagreements between insured and insurers over property damage. Two appraisers will be in charge if  a dispute arises as both sides pick each appraiser to represent them. If there is a deadlock they can resort to the dispute resolution process mooted by SoftSettle Support using the platform of MEDIATOR AFFAIR integrated in the portal
Further an online mediation can be called for, where a Mediator can be nominated by both parties from among the panel of professionals provided by the ODR providers. SoftSettle Support channelizes online mediation using the platform MEDIATOR AFFAIR integrated in Typically faster mode of Mediation is guaranteed through this portal and application respectively and the negotiation for clear verdict in the form of  claim settlement  which is software stimulated, integrated in the portal and the mobile application SOFT SETTLE


Approach in resolving Insurance Disputes

SoftSettle Support

As careful as we are, there is the possibility of being involved in an accident while you’re driving.   Or having damage occur to your home due to circumstances you can’t control.   While carrying car insurance and home insurance minimizes the financial risks and responsibilities of the aftermath of an accident, there is a possibility that you and your insurance company could disagree about the benefits you’re entitled to in the event that you have to file a claim.

What can you do in the case of a dispute with your insurance company?   The best scenario is that you and your insurance provider can come to an agreement that works for both of you, but in the case that it isn’t possible to resolve the disagreement between both parties, there are other options available to you.

SoftSettle Support shapes online platforms for insurance claim settlement.

There is, of course, a range of options available to disputing parties who do not wish to proceed to formal litigation (litigation Is typically costly, time consuming. Uncertain and ultimately unsatisfying regardless of the outcome.) A number of processes, of varying degrees of formality, are available to assist the parties to resolve their dispute themselves, or in some cases, to impose a settlement regime on the parties. These resolution processes can be divided into two broad categories.

First are consensual processes such as conciliation and mediation, where the parties to the dispute typically meet with an independent third party to explore settlement options. The third party is not supposed to impose any unilateral decision but to assist and persuade the parties to generate and refine their own settlement options.

Second are adjudicative processes such as arbitration, appraisal, early  neutral evaluation or mini trial. The parties are given the opportunity to make submissions to an independent umpire. Each parties’ submissions are weighed by the umpire and a decision is made. This third party must them review that material before formulating an appropriate settlement regime.

SoftSettle Support facilitates an environment for both insurers and insured as insurer will gain more credibility to canvass more clients as he is not inclined to constantly battling with customers in court and insured will get sigh of relief so far as insurer used to be conciliatory and attractive to their existing and prospective customers

SoftSettle Support provides a portal or application to insurer and insured where they can submit their disputes to get it resolved by means of online mediation and online arbitration presided by experienced neutral and arbitrators. These advantages are being built and integrated in the virtual court powered by SoftSettle Support in Apart from regular disputes used to occur in the negotiation (resolution) process to reach an accepted claim settlement is being integrated in These opportunities allows the insured more time in mediation sessions to articulate his or her position. The insurer would also get an opportunity to reconcile to go with a win-win strategy rather than preserving an attitude of obstinacy in the process of litigation.

Hence SoftSettle Support strikes the conscious of the parties  as the conciliatory nature of processes like online mediation ensures that the parties are given every chance to preserve their existing relationships. Consensual processes encourage the parties to work together to generate settlement options.

Hope these suggestions might be some of the analytical answers to the questions posed by the scenario described in the top paragraphs.



SoftSettle Support manages Disputes in respect of value of the insured property

The Dispute Resolution Process

When you cannot reach an agreement about the value of the insured property, the value of the property saved, the nature and extent of the repairs or replacements required, or the amount of the loss or damage, those questions must be determined using the Dispute Resolution Process. The Dispute Resolution Process by means of Online Arbitration or Online Mediation are being integrated in the ODR portal using the platform MEDIATOR AFFAIR powered by SoftSettle Support.

The dispute resolution process must be used in settling the amount of a loss with your own insurer. Rather the insurance company is supposed to send you a statement determining that there is dispute in respect to the amount of a loss.

Alternatively, as an insured, you can initiate the dispute resolution process in respect to the amount of a loss at any time, through the following process by resorting to the concerned services of SoftSettle Support. SoftSettle Support facilitates online conferencing which could bring the insured and insurer confronting over video so that the following steps can be carried out without further delays.

  • You must file a proof of loss form with the insurer and make a written request to start the dispute resolution process. A proof of loss form is available from your adjuster by online.
  • Within seven days, you and your insurer must each appoint, at your own cost, someone to represent your interests. Neither party can represent themselves, nor can appoint employees.
  • There is no requirement to appoint an appraiser to represent you. You may appoint anyone of your own choosing, although it is highly recommended you appoint a representative with expertise in the subject matter being disputed.
  • If the two representatives cannot agree on the amount of the loss, they will appoint an umpire to assist in establishing the amount of the loss. If the representatives cannot agree on an umpire, they can seek the assistance of the selected ODR provider to provide an umpire/neutral to decide the case.
  • Selection of an umpire/neutral to decide the case
  • The umpire will issue a written decision based on information provided by the representatives.
  • The outcome of the dispute resolution process is final and binding for both the insured and the insurer on the issue of the amount of the loss.
  • It is important to note that the dispute resolution cannot be used to resolve contractual disagreements, such as whether there is coverage under the policy.  The interpretation of what is covered by your policy is a matter for the courts to decide or resort to online dispute resolution facilitated by the platform MEDIATOR AFFAIR integrated in

Soft Settle discharges this service as a special effort to help both claimant and insurance company to sort their differences over the determination of the loss. As such, the insurance company can make an analytical study which could lead to a perfect way of dealing the settlement