Insurance Claim Settlements by means of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence or AI has inspired several global businesses in various industries  to develop and implement their required technologies. AI revolutionizes our traditional day-to-day tasks.

One of the domains that can benefit from AI is insurance Claim Settlements. Artificial Intelligence guarantees a fair and fast settlement which would have taken days had traditional approach been accepted for claim settlement. Adopting Artificial Intelligence brings advantages for both companies and their customers. It can simplify claims processing for adjusters and make settlement quicker and more transparent for clients. It can help bringing this most responsible and difficult segmented task of the industry to a new level and attract even more clients.

It is true that we can never underestimate the importance of Artificial Intelligence in other tasks of total Insurance. This technology can greatly improve the insurance industry, simplify routine processes and take care of mundane tasks. We can only anticipate the positive changes AI will trigger in the near future.

it can be said that technology is now being increasingly utilized to make the insurance claims simpler, faster and more cost effective. The outdated processes are slowly being changed for the better, in view of the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning, among other forms of technology. Not only will this adoption of technology improve the insurance processes, but will eventually lead to a much better and smoother customer experience.

Soft Settle adopting Artificial Intelligence as the technological stimulant for Insurance Claim Settlement has facilitated automatic process of requests and interactions between the Insurance Company or its adjuster and the client. As such chatbots, related fields and other mode of interactions are being integrated in the workflow can simplify the conversation and make communication more effective and stress-free. Such an approach facilitates reduction of amount of time and thus let the disputants negotiates with respective interests getting reconciled to reach a decision.

As of now, Claim Settlement Process is a manual and laborious affair that requires the involvement of several people in the form of witnesses with a lot of paperwork and communication methods. The devices of communications can be advanced using the optimizing algorithms which ultimately capable of eliminating the process which are prone to not only time consuming and costly but is also prone to errors and inconsistencies. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Soft Settle Platform to accelerate the process of negotiations to the effect of claim settlement claims settlement adjudication is already helping increase the efficiency of case managers and enabling them to take more informed decisions.



Insurance Companies discount your Pain and Sufferings

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Pain and suffering is a legal term that refers to a host of injuries that a plaintiff may suffer as a result of an accident. It encompasses not just physical pain, but also emotional and mental injuries such as fear, insomnia, grief, worry, inconvenience and even the loss of the enjoyment of life.

The extent of your injury and accompanying pain and suffering can be evidenced through documentation such as photographs and personal journals that record the plaintiff’s physical and emotional feelings. Documentation from friends and family can provide additional evidence of the way the particular injury has negatively impacted the plaintiff’s life. Proof of treatment by a mental health professional is also helpful, and is necessary where the plaintiff is claiming injuries such as increased anxiety, insomnia, or depression.

There is no hard and fast rule for how an insurance company must calculate pain and suffering.

You will need to prove your financial losses so that you can rightfully claim the money you need to rebuild your life. The money for these losses is known as damages. Damages include easily calculable items like medical bills, and non-economic claims like pain and suffering. However, understanding how much money one can claim for pain and suffering is a bit more difficult since there are no receipts or bills.

But you deserve to be compensated for significant temporary and permanent limitations on activities. You also deserve to be compensated if your injuries can potentially shorten your life. Hence the compensation against pain and sufferings shall be on the basis of:

  • Existing medical bills.
  • Future medical expenses.
  • Lost wages or other permanent remuneration or earnings.

Soft Settle’s Consultancy and Resolution services can be invoked at this time.

Typically faster mode of Mediation is guaranteed and the negotiation for clear verdict in the form of claim settlement which is software stimulated, got integrated in the portal and the mobile application. A win-win proposition is guaranteed.



Insurance Companies are not reluctant to make you convince that their (less) offer is final

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The hypothetical scenario is with regard to an injury in a vehicle accident. After suffering an injury in an accident, you may be able to turn to insurance for coverage of medical costs and other losses. You might file a claim under a policy you hold (e.g., auto collision insurance, homeowners’ insurance, health insurance) or through another person’s liability insurance if he or she was at fault.

A claims adjuster should follow up on your claim by contacting you and investigating your case. The investigation may include reviewing your medical records, obtaining vehicle repair estimates, reviewing police accident reports, interviewing you and reviewing your initial claim documents.

There are certain damages to be categorized for the insurance purpose. They are as follows:

Special damages include:

  • Present and future medical expenses, from emergency care through hospitalization and rehabilitation
  • Property damage (costs to repair or replace)
  • Lost income during recovery or because of disability
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, such as the cost of towing a wrecked car, prescription medication, travel to doctors’ appointments or wheelchair rental.

General damages include payments for:

  • Pain and suffering (physical)
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, such as inability to pursue recreation, hobbies, or other activity as you did prior to injury
  • Loss of consortium (marital/partner relations).

An insurance settlement should account for all of these losses as they apply to you and your situation, up to the limits of the applicable insurance coverage.

However, a settlement offer may be less than what you expected if the claims adjustor decides that your losses were not as much as you originally demanded, or that your own negligence or recklessness contributed to your injury.

If you question the settlement offer, the claims adjustor may not be reluctant to suppress all relevant facts and put you in the peril by convincing you that offer is the generosity from the part of the insurance company.

Soft Settle’s Consultancy and Resolution services can be invoked at this time.

Typically faster mode of Mediation is guaranteed and the negotiation for clear verdict in the form of claim settlement which is software stimulated, got integrated in the portal and the mobile application. A win-win proposition is guaranteed.



Resolving Consumer Grievances effectively

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Consumer grievance is the voice of consumer raise after dissatisfaction from company product or services. When consumer expectations not meet with the value as they paid for product or services then they become frustrated are raise their voice against the company for the replacement of good, refund and return.

Disputes arise within and between businesses and individuals all the time for many different reasons. The one thing all disputes share is that ultimately they involve people and people involve relationships. The key to effective dispute resolution, from the perspective of business, is to have a broad, flexible approach which offers an outcome-focused resolution to the dispute.

Where dispute arises in the area of Consumer-Business relations, those trained in problem solving, dispute avoidance, negotiation and dispute resolution should have initial oversight of such dispute and be able to record and monitor all claims. Apart from such training, role of the grooming technology in deciding the cases resulting out of the issues in respect of the consumer dissatisfaction of the products or services belong to the Business has to be evaluated too.

Ideally, the analysis of disputes and complaints should include a recommended online dispute resolution (ODR) plan and suggestions on how to strengthen the relationship with the other party.

Soft Settle has adopted such ODR frame work to go along with people to decide the cases where the outcome shall not be painful to either parties while justice cannot be let down or ignored. But while promoting the win-win propositions, Soft Settle requires parties to be more amenable, generous and collaborative so that they can expect an reasonable outcome deemed to be the appropriate justice.

Soft Settle provides such platform as a device to resolve your consumer grievances through online medium which is easy, relaxed to come out with a decision acceptable to both parties unlike the outcome resulting in court litigation.

There are many ways to resolve your consumer grievances and online medium made this easier for quick redressal of consumer complaint.

Now things, information, and communication become online and easily accessible for all users because they are using a mobile device. Soft Settle is such a platform where a virtual neutral SS-Equity (CDR) would decide the cases in no time and at no cost. The decision is binding too.


Comforting Consumer Concerns

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Disappointed by a product or service you’ve paid for? You don’t have to settle for shabby performance. Most businesses want to keep you happy so you’ll keep coming back. But things may sometimes happen in a different way. Hence the problem crops up.

You can solve many consumer problems by talking to a store employee, or if you bought the item online, by returning to the website. Do this as soon as possible because some retailers have time limits on returns and refunds.

Online retailers should provide return instructions on the site or on your receipt. When shopping online, it is wise to consider the company’s reputation and return policy before you buy. Similarly the manner in which the physical shops considers the direct customer in a reasonable way such as providing the refund and return policy before the consumers buy things should be there.

Soft Settle provides a Consultancy Platform to help customers as if they were drafting a complaint letter to retailer with the following inclusions and in the following manner:

  • You have to provide the details of your profile in the specified fields.
  • You would be precise and concise as the fields call for concise and precise complaints.
  • You can express what you desire to get out of the settlement of the issue
  • You can upload relevant documents.

Soft Settle frame the issues furnished in the specified fields to build a case  and find the answers to the following questions.

  •  Didn’t get what you ordered?
  • Did you get a defective product?
  • Disappointed with the service you got?
  •  Any other issues (product or service) with your Seller?

The Soft Settle platform has two levels of resolving disputes (negotiations level and resolution by a neutral as an escalated level) with refined technological features.

It is free sign up and free resolution for customers but for the escalated mode (appeal)


Converting Shopping Complaints into a Great Customer Experiences

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It is true that customer experiencing a good relationship with sellers or traders, would definitely share this experience with friends, family and connections, which in can lead to new business without expending anything in the form of advertisements or towards using certain publicity tools. But on the other hand the experience is bitter, there will be an adverse approach from the part of the customer to proceed with his or her complaint.

And for customers that don’t complain, they just stop doing business with you.

A customer complaint highlights a problem, whether that’s a problem with your product, employees or internal processes, and by hearing these problems directly from your customers, you can investigate and improve to prevent further complaints in the future.

Soft Settle helps you handling the customer complaints. When a customer makes a complaint, he or she is voicing a concern in relation to your product or service. Soft Settle proposes a consumer redressal avenue step by step where the consumer has a specific issue or dispute over certain products or services, so that the seller or trader could react over the complaints positively to focus on the quality of the product or services. This may ultimately lead to good relationship with the customer and finding more leads with him or her to enhance your business.

Soft Settle is a simple application that resolves customer claims and makes shopping experience trouble-free for both businesses and consumers.

It helps companies seamlessly communicate and handle claims, allowing customers to spend more time on shopping – and less on complaining. Through Soft Settle, in just a couple of clicks, both sides can communicate and negotiate directly, making the issue resolved – for good…

The Soft Settle platform has two levels of resolving disputes (negotiations level and resolution by a neutral as an escalated level) with refined technological features.

Soft Settle can take the baton. It has nothing to do with lawyers, adjusters, but everything can be taken care of by you only. It is purely a DIY business. That itself calls for a true and fruitful relationship with the customer always.

Settling Your Own Debts: Do It Yourself

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Debt settlement is definitely an activity consoling one’s fainted heart. Doing it yourself requires persistence, hard work and the willingness to deal with debt collectors for months or years.

Defaulters may be under the impression that debt settlement usually is brutal. Negotiating down a debt with a creditor, rather than hiring someone else, can save you money and put you in control of the settlement process. However, many consumers shy away from DIY debt settlement, chiefly because they want to avoid interacting with banks, other creditors and collection agencies, experts say.

The first question should be whether debt settlement is the best option for you. To answer that question, you need to look at your total financial picture and alternatives such as bankruptcy or a family loan,  noting that debt settlement typically will severely damage your credit.

Debt settlement can damage your credit severely when creditors and collection agencies report delinquent payments, collections and settlements for less than the full amounts owed on accounts.

Soft Settle encourages people to settle their debts DIY.  If you decide to try to settle, you’ll need to decide whether to do it yourself. The advantages of DIY debt settlement include:

Creditors might go easier on you. Creditor may find to deal easier with you while they may be aggressive with debt settlement companies and even dare to file suit against you. Their lenient attitude towards you may probably reduce the total debt reasonably; so that you may have a target to settle is quite reasonable.

Another advantage behind DIY is it might motivate you to get your finances in order. So far as you are ready to negotiate directly with creditor and you become more accommodative and collaborative could bring the creditor to a level where you can set your financial commitments in a proper manner.

Soft Settle provides channel where you can apply the mode of negotiations as referred above, so that you would be collaborative in negotiating which prompts the virtual neutral to decide things in your favour and it never attempts to reduce the claim of the creditor. Hence the win-win proposition is accessible.


The inevitable implementation of technology stimulated Application in resolving E-Commerce Disputes

Adv. Meerza Zaheer, Chief Consultant, Senate Legis

Electronic commerce is the process by which businesses and consumers buy and sell goods and services through an electronic medium.

We have been witnessing the online presence of majority of companies in the present market since early 1990. Since you have recognized the ability to conduct business through the internet, you might have also accepted the online shopping starts from food and clothes to entertainment, furniture and whatever essential products for human life under the sky.

Electronic commerce brings both comforts and discomforts to its users. You may be enjoying the comforts widely include on the spot sales and purchase, competitive costs, convenience, saving of time, etc. On the other hand, the discomforts include frauds and cyber-crimes committed against e-commerce users. At times there are disagreements and dissatisfactions as well among buyers and purchasers that cannot be resolved using traditional litigation methods.

But the countries like India is lagging behind in applying the ADR or ODR mechanisms and technology driven solutions to find settlements against such cropping commercial conflicts or e-commerce disputes. It is quite unfortunate that India is still strange to the resolution of e-commerce disputes by means of ODR.

ODR  more evidently capable of helping  e-commerce disputes resolutions in India and like countries. I feel some of the areas where we must pay special attention include technology related dispute resolutionfilm, media and entertainment industry dispute resolution in Indiacross border e-commerce dispute resolution in India, etc. E-courts and ODR can be effectively used for all the above mentioned purposes.

E-commerce players in India have many techno legal obligations to follow and cyber law due diligence in India is one such obligation. Not only legal requirements for undertaking e-commerce in India are stringent but even Internet intermediaries liability in India must be taken seriously by companies engaged in online transactions and businesses.

As the cyber presence of the commercial transactions is cropping up without any breaks use of e-courts paving way for e-commerce disputes resolution has become a necessity in all senses. The first and second segment of the project under the banner of Gateway to Equity & Justice ( and (  providing ODR policies and frame work,  facilitating E-commerce players from getting assaulted by some laws which may cause them held liable for cases like Intellectual Property infringement and other violations, introduced e-Court as a virtual resolution center or settlement support center.